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The Exhibition hOLAnDA - 2003

Everything you want to know about the exhibition


hOLAnDA - 2003
Original Latin American Design in Amsterdam

October 10 - November 8, 2003
Living Mall Villa Arena, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Cultural exhibition on Latin American Design
Living and recreational spaces
Graphic design, industrial design?:
A focus on industrial design, showing graphic design from Latin America as well, to provide the context in which the products are created.
Target groups:
general public (design lovers), distributors, professional buyers
Amount of exhibited products:
Show the design culture of Latin America to a broad European audience and stimulate commercial possibilities for Latin American designers/companies.

New Latin American Design: Beat the blender!
On October 10 2003, more than 100 new design products from Latin America in the area of living were exhibited using 4000m2 in the Villa Arena in Amsterdam. ‘hOLAnDA 2003’ was the first European overview of Latin American Design. hOLAnDA 2003 showed top designers like the MOMA-present Brazilian Campana Brothers and the Mexican prize winner Mauricio Lara, next to new talents from Colombia, Argentina or Brazil, represented by a new design of Carla Tennenbaum that is created by a traditional technique delivering very colorful oval carpets.
The exhibition showed that Latin American Design constantly challenges the blend of cultures from which it originates. Elements of European heritage, native Indian roots and modern American classics are taken out of perspective and creatively mixed. A lack of funds or the use of available natural materials and craft skills lead to new solutions. Involvement with the local environment creates new products with awareness of the limitations of natural resources and the traditions of craftsmen. Humor, passion and a different use of colors make this blended design a class of its own.

Time and Location: perfect match
The largest living mall in Europe, Villa Arena in Amsterdam, was the perfect location for hOLAnDA 2003. During the marvelous living weeks (Waanzinnige Woonweken) in the Villa Arena, many new products were shown to the public, setting the scene for this exhibition and creating a good opportunity for shoppers and design lovers to get an overview of possibilities for the new season.

Highlights of the exhibition
Next to the new Celia-line of the Campana brothers with the use of composite materials, you were able to find Alexandra Parodi from Uruguay with a foldable and recyclable cardboard bed, suitable for urban nomads, flexible families and design lovers. Turning toilet cleaners and traditional egg baskets into bright lamps were the contribution of Mauricio Lara. Worth visiting was the paper jewelry from Colombia and Mexico, combining elegant design and bright colors. Highlights of the ‘Costa Rica Chill Out Collection’ were shown, created in a surprising collaboration between designers and native craftsmen.